Flo Monitor Arm

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Flo Monitor Arm

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RON 1,250.26 VAT included

Flo is a truly ergonomic product, the unique range of design features provides an unrivalled user-experience that improves health and well-being while increasing work eficiency.

The fluid, dynamic movement of Flo monitor arms lets you adjust the position of one or more screens with minimum effort and maximum precision. Keep the screen exactly where you need it without taking the time to tighten it. Patented technology gives you a large range of motion and quick, intuitive fingertip control, offering the perfect position to support everyone`s eyes, even people with progressive lenses.

  • CBS's Flo monitor arm receives international Red Dot Award for product design
  • Smooth, dynamic movement through its patented
  • Flo Spring Technology
  • Lets you position your computer screen in the vertical, horizontal, and tilt position
  • Working load range 3 to 9 kg
  • Unique head design provides unrivalled degree of flexibility for touch screens
  • Weight gauge indicator reduces installation time and provides consistent performance
  • Integrated three-point cable management system
  • Monitor configuration: monitor, laptop or tablet
  • Technical Specifications
  • International Warranty Product